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This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 98%. (I'm a bot) ***** > This radioactivity is often pulled to the surface when oil and gas is extracted - carried largely in the brine. > Many industry representatives like to say the radioactivity in brine is so insignificant as to be on par with what would be found in a banana or a granite countertop, so when Peter demanded his supervisor tell him what he was being exposed to, his concerns were brushed off; the liquid in his truck was no more radioactive than "Any room of your home," he was told. > Oil fields across the country - from the Bakken in North Dakota to the Permian in Texas - have been found to produce brine that is highly radioactive. > Texas-based researcher Zac Hildenbrand has shown that brine also contains volatile organics such as the carcinogen benzene, heavy metals, and toxic levels of salt, while fracked brine contains a host of additional hazardous chemicals. > Still, the relentless waste stream means new permits are issued all the time, and the industry is also hauling brine to treatment plants that attempt to remove the toxic and radioactive elements so the liquid can be used to frack new wells. > The end of the line for much of the radioactive solid waste produced from extraction, like drill cuttings and the sludge filtered out of brine, is the local dump. ***** [**Summary Source**]( | [FAQ]( "431030 summaries so far.") | [Feedback]( "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **Brine**^#1 **waste**^#2 **radioactivity**^#3 **radioactive**^#4 **industry**^#5 Post found in [/r/worldnews](, [/r/inthenews](, [/r/Longreads](, [/r/worldnews](, [/r/environmental_science](, [/r/worldnews](, [/r/GretaThunberg](, [/r/news](, [/r/TrueReddit](, [/r/collapse](, [/r/ConspiracyII](, [/r/EvolveSustain](, [/r/Truckers](, [/r/TrueReddit](, [/r/hackernews](, [/r/AmazingReads](, [/r/wallstreetbets](, [/r/Longreads](, [/r/politics](, [/r/socialism](, [/r/corpus](, [/r/news](, [/r/worldpolitics](, [/r/theculling](, [/r/news](, [/r/alberta](, [/r/ChernobylTV](, [/r/nuclear](, [/r/news](, [/r/environment](, [/r/energy](, [/r/AnythingGoesNews](, [/r/energy](, [/r/collapse](, [/r/boulder](, [/r/pittsburgh](, [/r/DamnInteresting](, [/r/pittsburgh](, [/r/Pennsylvania](, [/r/environment](, [/r/energy](, [/r/collapse](, [/r/Atomicweapons](, [/r/u_CostBenKMA](, [/r/worldpolitics](, [/r/USNEWS](, [/r/EcoNewsNetwork](, [/r/Denver](, [/r/MAGAs](, [/r/energy](, [/r/neoliberal]( and [/r/news]( *NOTICE*: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the [autotldr]( bot here.