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There is a common consensus that the US is a major military power. No other nation can compete at this moment in time. Which is why the following may appear first. The US is now a major oil producing nation, producing millions of barrels per day amongst other things. There are oil reserves across the country. There are major oilfields across the country, from Texas to LA to North Dakota. Historically, in other parts of the *planet*, we sometimes heard headlines like "Nation X captures key oilfield in nation Y" etc. Which brings us to these questions? Are major oilfields in the US guarded or do they even need to be? It seems absurd, given that no other major military force could contend with the USA - even if somehow a foreign military managed to capture a US oilfield in the US (absurd), they wouldn't be able to hold it for long. So, barring aliens (why would aliens travel lightyears for hydrocarbons on Earth haha)... Thoughts? [Investing - The United States of America is a major oil producer on planet Earth]( [The Western Gulf Basin]( [The Permian Basin]( [The Appalachian Basin]( [The Williston Basin](