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Why oil and gas? Why now? You are no doubt reading headlines at least weekly why oil and gas should be THE portfolio consideration in 2015, and we have a brand new 7-well Permian Basin Package we’d like to show you that could make excellent sense to buy low now while prices are low. Why should you consider oil and gas now? The main reason is because of low oil prices, drilling and completion costs have dropped almost proportionally. It only makes sense; drillers want to do everything they can to keep rigs working, so over the last year, they’ve been slashing prices to producers. Plus, recent technological advancements have made it possible to trim more cost. There are very specific areas where well economics still make sense in today’s price environment. It’s not in the Bakken, where deep and long horizontal wellbores, combined with expensive transportation out has made it uneconomical to consider right now. But the Permian Basin is different, and that’s why we’re excited about our new prospect that just started drilling the first of seven wells in early August. The Permian Basin is a legacy oil field that has a nice benefit over other shale areas: Fundamental vertical wells. The Sandhill-7 is a package of relatively shallow vertical wells on the eastern shelf of the Permian, and will be intersecting major payzones such as the Tannehill sands, Ellenburger, Mississippian and Bend Conglomerate. By combining shallower wells in rich pay zones, the Sandhill-7 offers significantly lower drilling costs than we saw in 2014, and as you will see from the revenue projections, very attractive monthly income potential with substantial tax benefits. By diversifying among seven wells, your one-unit participation actually equals 7% of the package. Plus, we have over 8,500 acres under lease in two counties, so where wells are successful, we have offsetting potential for further growth. We secured a substantial interest in this prospect for our own behalf, but we do have a few units available that we are offering to our clients. Drilling is already underway on the first well, which should reach depth in another couple weeks. Short fuse, but revenue by November 2015. • 7-well diversification in Phase One with 7 more coming in Phase Two • First well is already drilling today • Legacy Upper Permian Basin lease • 8,500 leased acres • Two Texas counties – Kent and Knox • Sophisticated operator/partner – Atoka Operating, Inc. • 7% interest available in the package • Attractive revenue potential from all seven wells • Additional upside potential (future offsets) This is being offered on a first-come, first serve basis, but with only a handful of units available, it won’t last long. Take a look at this today before oil runs back into the upper 60s as many are expecting, taking drilling costs with it. This will get you in on the ground floor of an excellent well package that could add substantial monthly revenue to your portfolio. Contact Patriot Energy at 469-269-5414 or email us at and we will be in touch to see if this is right for you. As a reminder, Patriot Energy investments are for accredited investors only.