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The key factor that creates a difference between traditional and online therapy sessions is the mode of communication. The patient has to visit the office of therapists in traditional sessions. It is like taking a face-to-face meeting. Online therapy sessions are like virtual meetings where both parties are not present before each other. The factor of convenience Virtual meetings are extremely convenient. Instead of driving to the office of the therapist. You can conveniently carry the session over digital platforms. Just read the etherapy pro reviews and you will become aware. Most of the online therapists offer flexible scheduling. You can join the session at a very convenient time. Such sessions also save time and money. Privacy of the patient is maintained Just go through the etherapy pro review and you can get a confirmation that privacy is maintained during the sessions. The identity of the patient is never released to the world. Some patients are skeptical that their identity and problems would get exposed. However, if you are using a good online counselling platform, there is no need to worry at all. Online counselling is cost effective The most well-known platforms charge the patients reasonably. Traditional therapy sessions are generally costly. Moreover, they consume more time. You have to incur the cost of a ticket, gas, oil or fuel. Just read etherapy pro reviews and you will come to know that online counselling that such sessions are affordable for the pocket. The element of effectiveness Online counselling is very effective and the patients get quality care. The most well-versed, trained and skilled online therapists strive to take out the patients from the abyss of depression and anxiety. If the therapist is very good, you will immediately start sensing relief. Everyone is struggling with individual circumstances. For all types of disorders you can consult counsellors and get effective treatment. Style of the online counsellor Whether you are seeking online counselling or traditional therapy sessions, please keep in mind that every counsellor has a different style of communicating with the patients. Online counselling is very relaxing because the patient is not required to travel anymore. However, almost all online counsellors behave with patients in a nice and courteous manner.